Held on March 20th, 2021, the EMGirls Innovation Challenge (EIC) featured:

A series of female entrepreneurs giving firsthand knowledge of their entrepreneurship journey; highs, lows, and in-betweens.
An interactive experience where you met other girls to test your collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills.
Team mentorship from the speakers to help your team solve the challenge and win $100, among other prizes.
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Want to meet the intern team?

Hey! I live in Vancouver, Canada. My passions are journaling and playing volleyball. Three words I’d use to describe my Internship are growth, collaboration and learning.

Kaylee Chou

Hi! I live in Monterrey, Mexico. I love learning and traveling. I would describe my Intern experience here in EMGirls as extraordinary, educational and life-changing.

Vanessa Herrera

Hello! I live in Toronto, Canada. I enjoy drawing and spending time with friends. My experience has been educational, rewarding and a good time.

Olivia Stevenson

Hi! I live in Singapore/Boston. My passions include working out and trying new foods. Three words for my EMGirls experience are synergetic, experimental, and new!

Adya Chatterjee

Hey! I live in Toronto, Canada. My interests are dance and skiing. My experience so far has been inspiring, transformative and gratifying.

Leanne Kwong

Hi! I live in Vancouver, Canada. I like art/design and music. My experience as an intern has been exciting, valuable and memorable.

Jane Liu
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