Each generation of Interns get to host an event or project of their choice. For Generation Two, the interns chose to host a marketing camp and a final graphic design competition for females in high school and post-secondary.

The event is called "EMMarketing," and it was held from July 5th to July 9th, 2021.

Every day had a different theme: graphic design, written communication, and marketing

Each day occured from 4:00PM to 6:00PM, and included a minimum of one networking/breakout session, learning materials, and resources such as mentors

All participants were given a case study where they were judged and able to showcase what they learned
Who were the past sponsors?

Hi I'm Sophie and I’m currently a rising senior in Toronto. As a student heading towards business management and law, I really resonate with EMGirls’s message.

Sophie Yang

Hi there, My name is Shrena Sribalan! These passions consist of business, STEM fields, the arts, and giving back to my community!

Shrena Sribalan

Greetings, I’m Evelyn Lee, a student at Erindale Secondary School! I love flowers, fantasy, and all the arts. As a female and an aspiring entrepreneur, I really resonate with EMGirls’s mission and what they stand for.

Evelyn Lee

Hi, everyone! My name is Jennifer, and I am a rising senior from Ontario, Canada. My greatest passions are in the natural sciences and humanities, such as biochemistry and history.

Jennifer Lee

Hi! My name is Isha, and I live in Toronto, Canada! I love baking and dancing. I first learned about EMGirls through EEC and have loved their message ever since!

Isha Sidhu

Hi, everyone! My name is Sahana Abbennagari, and I am a rising senior from Cleveland, OH. I love adventures, dancing, nature, and meeting new people.

Sahana Abbennagari
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